Why does the National Broadband Network Require Improvements?

There are valid reasons that the National Broadband Needs improvements as it could help that in some area of the Nation that are built up such as Mawson Lakes in the Great State Of South Australia is to build Big WiMax Broadcasting Towers as that would then provide them with a Gigabyte wireless network, that is because it operates powerful Fourth Generation of the LTE Wireless Technology which is the plan that I know that the Federal Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband would do if the Liberals are voted in at the Next Election, as He knows that Wireless Technology is more affordable over time as it is a consistent and persistent technology that operates from a base Fibre Connected Station.

Also on other thing is that I’d love to see Fibre Roll out to Exchange’s  and the Residents that are going to get it instead of interrupting day to day travel along major road I’d be using the railways network to roll it out along there instead of doing what is currently happening.


Why isn’t there yet an open graph plugin for WordPress?

Well I ask this because of the fact that there scheme’s to be a lack of people building for Facebook’s open graph as that is a shame.

There are reasons why I’d like to see heavy integration of Facebook into WordPress and Joomla straight off the install is so then there is a way to have it that you can have your applications running from your domain instead of having it so that you have to use Applications such as Pagemodo and Involver that are good but I think that if there was way that we can have it so that there are custom HTML, PHP and JavaScript as well as the tradition flash then it would be better so that when it comes to the forefront of things it would then be a lot better.

Also there are people out there I’m sure that would be able to have it so that instead of creating a user on the Database they could use Open Graph so that then in the install so then people use there Facebook Account then go to another page to go and setup there application, this would also be good with Joomla as it would have it that they could reduce the usage if the blog or site is heavily used as it would be great for it to happen as it would see a jump in people using Facebook to control the users of there website as it would then has another moderator so that if they do post something offensive the Moderator could then have the power to remove it on your behalf.

Sorry Day for Motor Sport

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is a very sad day for motor sport international with the death of a driver in the Indy Car series at Las Vegas in a 15 car pileup, the person of whom died was expected to race at the Gold Coast Armor All 600 Race,

It is just very sad to see this occur in one of the best second tier competitions in the world, but it is felt at the moment that the contributing factors that caused this are that there was to many cars on a round track going flat out, also another one is that state of the track as it has been worn out.

I hope that this is a reminder that safety is paramount in this situation, but this is going to be making motorsports worldwide look more into the safety aspect instead of trying to just get the money from corporate sponsorship, but not investing it back into the safety.

I think that safety of the sport is paramount, I’d rather them run on a shoe string budget knowing that money is invested into the area of safety.

About Politics

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Politics

Politics these day is mainly just a talk feast with no real action, this is due to the fact that the people in these days are what are known as career politicians that have never been out there in the business world this is due to the fact that they come straight from University to the Chambers of a Parliament Houses around the world as they are just attracted to the big pay packets and they’ll lie there way to get in as they don’t care about you and this is what is currently happening in Australia.

Career Politicians are not the way to go, instead of that I’d recommend having a set of criteria that would enable people to have worked in business for 8 or so years, not only that but they’ve to understand how the system works as I fell that some of the people currently don’t know any thing of what is going on and therefore should be not allowed to re-contest there seat, that would be a good idea as we need a good clean out of people that have been in there way to long as they need to have a limit as to how many times they can re-contest there seat or else we could end up with people that have been in for fourty years plus which is not what we want.

I Believe the if windows had more customisation it would then draw some of the disgruntled users back to it as it would then show that they are more flexible to the idea of having people out there that are wanting it back on to their machine as if it were are to fix the issues such as drivers and hardware compatibility errors by allowing people to fix and add code to the do it, it would then be able to be uploaded to other users of windows as an instant patch that would be going on until they no errors and bugs left in the machine.

Also the idea of a customisable windows sound appealing as it would mean that throughout the setup it would ask you a lot more about what you want to be able to do an as it does that it would then be able to suit the needs of all of us people out there by allowing us to have the system the way we like by way when where doing that it would change the kernel to get use to what we are doing out there.


Posted: October 7, 2010 in Technology, Televisions

Free-to-Air television is one of the Australia’s best industries as it is one of the only ever countries where it is bigger than the cable which is an achievement of the way that we regulate competition in Australia.

I think that Internet Explorer 9 Beta is good as it is better than previous internet explorers in the past as the striped away a lot of the UI and slimed it down to what a browser should have in it